Monday, March 2, 2009

So little time....

Hi Folks,

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything recently, but I have been going crazy in real time. As far as updates to projects, I have been busy. Hopefully I can post some pictures later. Here is some of whats been going on.


I haven't really done anything with this lately. I did pick up some pink board so I can begin making tunnels. I'm waiting for nicer weather so I can use the basement workshop.

Starship Trooper:

I recently finished painting a Plasma Bug, a Rippler unit and Hopper unit. I've picked up a M8 Ape and another box of CAP Troopers. I plan on painting these in the mars pattern uniform. I am also continuing to write down ideas for the campaign of Helios Epsilon 50. More to come on that....

Other than that, I have been gearing up for the upcoming reenactment season. One of the things I do is I am a coordinator for a big WW2 event that takes place at Odessa NY. in September. Not only am I a coordinator, I have also been put in charge of the event website. No problem, I can muddle through HTML. You can find my muddling at

Also this coming April we are running an Eastern Front event for the first time. So a good portion of my time has been setting up web information for that. And as the CO of my GI unit..... (do you see a trend here) we will be attending the Torrance Pa tactical the weekend before the Ost Front Odessa. So I'm preparing for that. It should be a good season.

With that, I will hopefully get to posting more things as I go. The trick is finding time to just sit..... Anyway, until next time.