Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This last Saturday I participated in my friend Daves annual DBA tournament. Every June about 15 of my wargaming pals get together for a day of food and fun.

Now I will admit, DBA is not my cup of tea, and I have missed a number of events over the past few years. But I do have to say this Saturday was a blast. Where else can you hang out with friends, play a bunch of games and have hot dogs with Dave's famous hot sauce.

Jay from Renaissance Ink stopped out, whom I purchased some flocking gel and bases from. Our friend Travis from Millenium Games sent a ton of prizes for the tourney as well. And we had the annual bring and buy with the guys. I picked up a couple trucks to be converted for my Quar as well as five different cans of Flames of War Spray Primer.

And true to fashion, I won the "Good Sportsmens Award". In other words I had the lowest score in the tourney..... But hey, at least the games were close....... I actually killed some units this time.......

Ah well, I think their renaming the award after me...... Dave is supposed to be sending some photos of the day. When he does I'll put them up. Well maybe not the one of me and my award.......

See ya.

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