Saturday, October 23, 2010

The 19th Borderers grows.....

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As you know I received a batch of Quar for my birthday. After painting those I needed some more, so.... I ordered some recruits. I purchased the Crusader Command pack, Light MG team as well as the Shotgun team and Mortar team. I have to say I am amazed at the bits of detail on these models. Everywhere you look on them there is something more to find. One of the models I received was the Crusader cook. At the time he wasn't listed on the Zombiesmith site so I was a little surprised when he arrived. Not that I was disappointed, as it is a great figure.

Just a little side note on these figures. These are the first figures I have exclusively done with the "Magic Wash" or "Dip". I have used ink washes before but usually only for 15mm or smaller. The thought of doing larger figures always kind of intimidated me.

So I had been reading up on the various recipes and figured I would give it a try for 28mm. I created a batch of wash using a 1-4 ratio. Meaning, 1 part Future to 4 parts water. I actually created a large batch of the "base" and then parceled it out to smaller containers to try different colors in. The wash I used for these was a black ink base I made from inks I had sitting around. Basically I slowly added black ink and stirred until the wash was a good opaque color.

The figures were block painted in their primary colors. I have Vallejo paints for my WW2 stuff so I used them for these as well. For the most part they are all only 5 colors not including skin and details. I then either dipped or brushed on the wash and let sit to dry. I did notice the brushed on wash didn't "run" as well as the dipped. But the effect is basically the same. Once dry they were sprayed with Krylon Matt spray and based.

So on to the pics.....

Caertan Traddyn
The Light Machine Gun Team. Gunners


Pyk Pyk Handler Guffudd
The 19th's unit Musician Karddor and Ryfler Brych

The Mortar Team

Heavy Shotgun Team

And the 19th moves out for another patrol.....

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