Thursday, December 25, 2008

Underworld, The Game

So here is the first of the items that I created this blog for. I have been a fan of the Underworld series of films since they came out. And as a gamer I always thought it would be interesting to fight the epic war between Vampires and Lycans. So for the past year or so I have been working towards getting what I needed to make this happen. As this continues we will discuss the miniatures I've chosen as well as rules I plan on using.

First off, the Background.

I wanted to game in the time before the first movie. Where the vampires were hunting the Lycans in an attempt to wipe them out. This way any setting or place would work. If you try to do the movies or around the time of the movies you kind of limit yourself as they take place over the course of only a couple days. So the battle rages.

The Miniatures.

It was hard to choose a specific model over another, but here is what I have so far. I'm also looking for miniatures that fit the other major characters in the films.

Selene. The hero of the first movie and its sequal. As a member of the "Deathdealers", Selene can easily take care of herself.
The mini is Copplestones WH1 Warewolf Hunter

Kahn and his Deathdealers are the militant arm of the Vampire Coven. It is their job to hunt and eliminate Lycans wherever they live.
The figures are from Wargames Foundry's Street Violence range. They are the "Hardwire Troope".

Lucian is the leader of the Lycans, while Raze is his lieutenant.

The figures are from Wargames Foundry's Street Violence range. They are converted figures from Gazzas Boot Boys.
(Unfortunately I had a bad batch of sealer and they have a cloudy coat to them.)

Last is the Lycans themselves. Currently I have a bunch of Reaper Male Werewolves. I havent really found anything I like better. I have tried to give them a little variation, but its hard with the metal, and the way they are molded. Heres a few.
So thats it for now. Next up rules and more figures.


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  1. Hey Scott, Very cool blog!
    Couple of things. For the clouded paint on the minis, try an alcohol wash. I sealed some minis a couple of weeks ago and I got the same problem, probably because I let them dry outside and it was too cold. Anyway, an alcohol wash cleared up the cloudiness. Try it on a small part of the mini first to make sure it does not reacy with your paints.
    Also, for werewolf models, try the Mage Knight Frost Wolf from the Omens set. Very nice looking werewolf, IMO, and since it is plastic it is easy to cut up and modify. That is what I am planning on using. Lastly, I will be gaming this using the rules engine from Song of Blades and Heroes. Very fast and easy and easily customizable. Good luck, and can't wait to see more posts. Henry