Sunday, December 28, 2008

Underworld, The Game

So, I was able to photograph a couple more of my figures for my Underworld game. The first off is William. William is technically the first werewolf. One of the sons of Alexander Corvinus, William was bitten by a wolf, being cursed to roam the world as such. Only whomever he bites or even kills is doomed to become a werewolf themselves. Though he doesn't really show up until the second movie, he still has plenty of gaming potential.
The model I am using for William is the Reaper Miniatures, Moor Hound.

The next set of miniatures I have is for the men lead by Alexander Corvinus. Their job is to "clean up" after the Vampires and Lycans. Again although they don't appear until the second movie, they still have great potential for gaming purposes. Especially as mysterious adversaries for both Vampires and Lycans.
The figures are Copplestone Castings FW1 Hostage Rescue Squad. (still need basing...)

Now for the rules.......

I have read and looked at a number of different rule systems trying to find the right one for me. (As a side note I believe in using rules systems that you and those you game with are familiar with. )

I think I found a rule system that may give me the right feel for the Underworld universe. The ruleset is in fact Mongoose Publishing's original Starship Troopers. Here are some of my reasons.

I have been playing this for a few years, so I am already familiar with the rules. The basic premise of the game is to not let the bugs get near the Troopers. Sounds pretty much the same as Vamps versus Lycans. As a Deathdealer you can deal death from afar but don't let the Lycans get a hold of you.... Anyway you can play the rules straight out of the book while making minor changes to names and stats for weapons, abilities and characters.

Next time I'll post some beginning stats I am working on at this time. After playtest they may change, but we have to start somewhere.


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