Sunday, January 4, 2009

Underworld, The Playtest

So this weekend we played a quick playtest of the rules. We had a large Austerlitz game waiting to go, and were waiting for the rest of the gang to show up. So we set up a number of tiles a friend made to represent hallways and tunnels. I apologize ahead of time. I planned on taking the camera, but on my way out the door...... I left it on the table. Dooohhhh! I did take a couple crappy cell pictures though. Next time I promise photos.

Game 1.

We set up the game as Selene and 4 Deathdealers had to make their way out of the tunnels. As it was a playtest to try and see if it would work, we used a pseudo Spacehulk generator for the Lycans. Here is a quick splash of what happened.

Turn 1
The game started as the Deathdealers used their first move to enter the first room. And then went on "ready status". Two Lycans burst into the room on their first move. Due to the Lycans entering into the 10" ready alert area of the Deathdealers, the Deathdealers were able to use their Ready Status and fire their weapons. Well they must have been so suprised because they didnt hit either Lycan. At this point the Lycans finished their second move by charging into the first two Deathdealers. After rolling their attacks and causing hits, the Deathdealers were able to make their saves. Since they saved they would have to flinch back 2".

Turn 2
For their first move the Deathdealers went on ready status. For their second move they used their "Speed" to move away from the Lycans while firing their weapons. At this point the Lycans received multiple hits from gunfire. One of the Lycans also received a hit from Selenes pistols with the Silver Nitrate bullets. After saves were rolled there was one dead Lycan and one with the specialty round in it. At the beginning of the Lycan round, a save was rolled against the "Persistant" trait of the silver nitrate. As the silver coursed through its body the Lycan succombed to its wounds...... ( I was happy to see my theory as to how this would apply in the game worked. I just wished as the Lycan player it wasnt that fast.)

The next turn the deathdealers moved into the next room with no Lycans appearing.

Turn 4.
The Deathdealers moved into another room and went on "Ready". Three Lycans entered the room. Two from one entrance, and one from the other. The Deathdealers since on ready alert were able to fire on the Lycans. The lone Lycan received no hits. The two Lycans received hits. After allocating the hits. One was killed outright by Selene and her pistols. While the other was forced to flinch back 2". For their second move the Lycans charged into contact with two Deathdealers. After rolling to hit and saves, one deathdealer was dead and the other flinched back 2". The Deathdealers decided to shoot then go on Ready Status. After rolling for hits and saves the original lone Lycan was killed. As soon as the Lycan began his first move the Deathdealers react. Three of the Deathdealers move away while the one closest to the Lycan charges into close combat. After rolling for hits and saves the Lycan flinched back, Selene finished him off with her pistol.

At this point others had shown up and wanted to see the game from the beginning. So one of the guys wanted to replay the ending of "Evolutions". So we broke out the William figure along with the "Cleaners" of Alexander Corvinus. So as the guys were standing around we explained how the game worked. At this point I remember I had the camera in my phone....

Selene and crew moved into the room and go on "ready status".

William burst into the room for his move. Immediately everyone fires. William shrugs off the hits. Selene, however leaps over William and tries throwing shuriken. She hits causing 1 point of damage on William. William continues to make contact with a couple of the Cleaners. William rolled his attacks and killed outright one of the humans. The other backs up. At this point I secretly rolled to see how long before the "transformation" would take place. Rolling a D6, I determined it would happen in 4 turns.

For the next turn Selene and friends go on ready status so the shotguns could reload. (After this turn we decided to change the shotguns from a pack weapon to a squad weapon. Thereby not needing the ready to reload.) They then fired against William. Multiple hits were scored, but William again shrugged them off. Selene managed to hit with her pistols, but William didnt take damage. Though he now has to roll for the persistant.

William deciding to regroup before continuing, so he goes on "ready status". His second move is to "Jump" through the door away from Selene.
As he leaps through the door, he claws at the nearest human. After rolling hits, William kills another human outright. And then finishes his move. (The die roll determined the human would regenerate in 1 turn.)

The final turn, Selene goes on "Ready". She leaps across the room throwing a Shuriken Grenade at William. She rolls and causes a hit. This weapon has the "Killshot" trait. All hits against his target number are considered against his kill number. That means if William saves it would still cause a hit, but if he fails it will kill him outright. Needless to say, William failed.

At this point we broke for the big game. I am pleased that it worked. There were some minor snafus that we had to work out, and some modifications to the stats that had to be made. But most of all I am pleased that the actions used by the players and their execution through the game deliver the simulated action in the movies. And in my minds eye I can see it happening.

Now I really have to get working on terrain..... I hope you enjoyed the show.


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