Saturday, June 6, 2009

My God its June!

How time flies. Back in April my WW2 season began. It started with 2 back to back events. One I was a participant, the other I was a Coordinator/Participant. I came to the realization that I can only do one or the other. The coordinator part takes way to much time and work to actually try and enjoy yourself.

Since then I've had a timeline at Old Fort Niagara. If you've never been it is a definate must see if in the area. You can see their website here.

And I'm currently getting ready for an event at the Buffalo Naval Park this month. We plan on staying for the weekend in the USS Little Rock. We plan to have displays in various parts of the ship. Their website is.

I have been busy with some miniatures. I just finished painting some stuff for Flames of War. I have a small group of Stug-G and Marder II's painted to support my Fallshirmjagers. I'll try to get pics up when I can.

Now I have to get back to printing off paperwork for my living history display......


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