Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm still alive.....

Hi Folks,

Yup, I'm still alive. Its funny. I created this blog to give me some inspiration to work on projects in the hopes of posting them on here. The grand irony is I have so many going on, I don't have time to post them. And I'm one of those people that doesn't feel right just posting without something to offer.

So what has been going on. I picked up a huge lot of figs from my friend Tom. I grabbed from him the Battlefront 3rd Canadian box set, plus extras. I also picked up his Germans. It's a mix of HG Division as well as Fallshirmjager. The Jagers will go well with my current lot and fill out a nice sized company with assets. The Canadians will probably end up as generic Brits, or XXX Corps. for Market Garden. I've painted all the vehicles. I just need to take pics.

I ordered another batch of Quar from Zombiesmith. This time it was the Royalists. I wanted to make some additional troops for the SOA skirmish game. I have a couple painted as test figs. I also picked up more of the 15's to fill out my army. I also picked up some of the accessory packs and I am thinking of using some of the rifles and packs for objective markers.

The big thing that has been taking my time is the WW2 hobby. This coming weekend is the Ostfront event that I coordinate with the 272nd Fusiliers. I have recreated the battlefield map from scratch and have been working on scenario ideas with my cohort. Along with that I have been sewing like a fool putting my Oberleutnant uniform. It just dawned on me, I have been to an event every month so far this year..... I must be nuts.

I recently picked up a BC-611 Handy Talky for my displays as well as a Magnetic powered phone. I already have a EE-8 Field phone and these two will make a nice field communications display. If only I could afford a BC-1000 I'd be all set.

I've played some Wings of War which I find is a nice break from reality. Though the gang hates the way I have a tendency to pull all 1's and zeros for damage....

After this weekend, I'll try and get some photos up.

See ya,

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