Sunday, May 15, 2011

Some new Quar

Hi Folks,

I recently picked up some new units for my Quar. I decided to pick up a couple Royalist that I can have available for a game. I also picked up a couple more Crusaders that I intend to load up as Veteran / Assault troops.

So enough yapping on to the pics.....

First up is the Upper Barro House Guard. The house guards are rarely far from the royal family. But when needed they fall out to provide support to the troops. They have a distinctive Green and Tan uniform based on the royal colors.

Next is the Upper Barro Royal Marines. A major part of Upper Barros history is steeped in nautical lore. Generations have fished the kelp beds off of the Barro shores. And the Royal Navy protected the rich kelp beds from poachers. Now the Royal Navy works to keep open the flow of supplies to the royal family held up on their island fortress of the southeastern shore of Upper Barro.


And here they are together on patrol.


I also threw together an objective marker for giggles. I used bits from the Quar accessory pack along with some crates I had laying around. You always need something to fight over.

 As always I have a blast when I paint these figures. The detail on the models are fantastic, and the open environment in the game itself lets you really play with ideas and background stories.

More to come,

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