Saturday, January 7, 2012

Update for the Quar.

As I said in my last blog update, I've added more stuff to my quar.  Some of these were new vehicles.  I purchased a couple more of the Trucks of Yesteryear line off of Ebay. The first truck I made into an ambulance. This is a 1919 Walker Electric Truck. It seemed to fit the look quite nicely. I gave it a repaint to match my Atkinson steam wagon and printed out a couple Red Cross symbols. I just need to make up a couple medic figures to go with it and its off to the field hospital.

The second truck I picked up is a 1922 Foden C-Type Steam Wagon. This truck I didn't paint, as I liked the color of the model. I did give it a coat of matt sealer to make it not so shiny. Unfortunately the coat clouded over on the plastic parts. However it gave it a dirty, gritty look to it, so I figured it was better to leave it alone. The one nice thing about this truck is the canvas canopy is removable. So I can put troops or supplies in the back depending on the scenario.

One of the things I came up with for our games were blood markers. I took red felt, cut them in circles and then cut irregular shapes out of them. We use these to signify when someone is "Out of Action"  or "Killed". When a figure is out of action, we place the figure on top of the blood. If the figure was killed, we place the blood on top.  Or if its a gory death.... Well we just throw a lot of them around......

We have also been getting terrain together for our games. JoAnnes had some neat "Pot Toppers" which worked well for overgrown termite mounds.

I also made a number of bases from some hex blanks I had. In JoAnnes floral department they had some small pine cones that I turned into a cactus like plant. Since we are redoing the new house, I have tons of spackle and joint compound laying around. I covered each hex with stucco texture. Added a few rocks here or there and painted them.

I added some flock then attached the cones. I tried using a new glue I had only used on fabric before. It is called Tacky glue, made by Aleene's. I have to say it worked amazingly well. It certainly works as the name implies. Its very tacky. It almost feels like its partially cured as well. I'm not sure if that is what causes the tackiness or not. But I like how it worked. I globbed some on the base of the cone, and stuck it to the base.  It didn't move from where I placed it. In the past I know using elmers glue, I would have had to prop it in place to keep it from falling over. The tacky glue held every one I put down. No muss, no fuss.

I recently made a new house as well. But I will need to get some pictures to  throw up. But here are some more pics from our last game.

Talk soon,